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Ernesto Villegas, M.D. Ernesto Villegas, M.D. Medical Director Founder and owner of ErgoMedica, Dr. Villegas has dedicated his career to the treatment of work-related injuries and the promotion of high-quality, cost-effective healthcare for employees in the manufacturing and hospitality industries. Practicing medicine with integrity has been a driving ambition in establishing and maintaining the clinic. With this motivation, Dr. Villegas has succeeded in creating a first class clinic that brings innovation and technology into the practice of medicine.

Raised in the blue collar idealism of 1950s and 60s Southern California, Dr. Villegas strongly commits himself to quality healthcare for some of the hardest working people in our society. His interest in the daily activities and trials of workers in the manufacturing and hospitality industries extends itself well beyond the simple assessment of routine injuries to encompass the general health and well-being of his patients. With experience as the Medical Director of several emergency departments, urgent care centers, and occupational medicine clinics, including his current position as Medical Director of Occupational Health at Children’s Memorial Hospital, Dr. Villegas has learned first-hand the importance of maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for both the productivity of the companies he serves and the general contentedness of their workforces. By devoting himself to the impartial and thorough assessment and care of his patients, Dr. Villegas ensures that employees sent to him are rehabilitated and returned to duty as quickly and safely as possible.

Education and Experience
Dr. Villegas received his undergraduate education at Carleton College, earned his medical degree from Stanford University and completed his residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan. He has also served as the Medical Director of Brach’s Candies, the Regional Director of Continuous Quality Improvement for a mid-sized Midwestern emergency medical group, a Consultant to the Brookfield Zoo, CPO for General Electric, and a member of NMPG’s Corporate Health Group at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. He is an avid amateur athlete with a passion for industrial design, art, ergonomics, and architecture.