Better Medicine By Design

Better Medicine By Design

ErgoMedica is a portmanteau derived from the Greek word ergo, meaning work and the Latin word medicus, meaning doctor. Our practice is committed to helping sick and injured working folks get back on their feet as quickly as possible while providing them with the information they need to stay that way.

Based in Chicago, a city which defines itself, perhaps above any other great American city, by its historical connection to labor and the quality and efficiency of its workforce, ErgoMedica strives to honor that history with the kind of no-nonsense practicality and superior workmanship that one can expect of any self-respecting Midwesterner while maintaining a commitment to the kind of warm and friendly customer service that have come to define this city in equal measures.

Ernesto Villegas, MD

Although expertly trained at institutions ranging from Northfield Minnesota's tiny liberal-arts and science-focused Carleton College to Stanford University Medical School and the University of Michigan, Dr. Villegas comes from a family of working people. Raised in a blue-collar household in Southern California by a father who returned from the Second World War to put in four decades as a parts expeditor at the local McDonnell Douglas plant and a working mother who split her time between raising her four boys and assisting the public (first as a department store clerk and then later a DMV technician) Dr. Villegas's pedigree as a practitioner of occupational medicine extends well beyond the ivy-covered walls of prestigious colleges and medical schools. He is someone who understands the value and importance of labor from the inside out.

It is this respect for working people and the integrity of labor that has put ErgoMedica at the top of the heap in terms of the quality and efficiency of its care and the satisfaction of its patients--it is a philosophy that is built into the very machinery of the clinic. At ErgoMedica, we truly practice better medicine by design.