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How we minimize your costs

ErgoMedica is a locally owned medical clinic with a very simple philosophy:

Quality and convenient medical care needs to be a cost-efficient solution that benefits your business.

ErgoMedica has earned a solid reputation for its progressive approach to occupational medicine. What sets us apart from other clinics is that we are committed to both the patients we treat and the companies they work for. We demonstrate our ability to provide the highest level of patient care while keeping employer costs to a minimum. We achieve this by offering the following:

Quality Medical Care

The best possible care should be afforded to everyone. ErgoMedica is committed to providing the highest level of medical care to the hardworking men and women of our community. This means a thorough one-on-one consultation with one of our doctors for all injuries and referrals to some of the best specialists in the Chicago area.

Cost Efficiency

There’s no great secret behind our ability to keep your costs down. We simply practice medicine with integrity. We only administer tests and treatments that we deem absolutely necessary. In particular we are focused on keeping physical therapy at appropriate levels. We are not interested in bogging patients down with weeks of treatment. Our goal is to get your employees safely back to work in the shortest time possible.


ErgoMedica has a “whatever it takes” approach to offering convenience. Sometimes this means opening our doors early or keeping them open late to accommodate you. Other times it means visiting a work site to evaluate conditions that affect employee health. Again, we are looking to do whatever it takes to provide the service you need.

ErgoMedica’s straightforward approach has resulted in bottom-line cost savings for businesses. We have also been successful in creating a return to work program that works for all parties involved. We invite you to take advantage of our program or work with us to create one that custom fits your needs. Call us today for more information: 312-773-0909. We look forward to helping you in any way that we can.