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Physical Rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation includes both active treatments such as therapeutic exercise, kinesthetic facilitation and proprioception via neuromuscular re-education as well as passive treatments, or modalities, such as soft tissue mobilization, electro stimulation, Physical Rehabilitationcryotherapy and therapeutic ultrasound. The aim of physical rehabilitation is to provide a non-surgical remedy to a physical ailment through the introduction of physical stimulation as well as a prolonged and steady reshaping of the affected area through the promotion of muscle endurance, mass and elasticity.

Comprehensive, Collaborative and Integrated

At ErgoMedica, we believe if a team approach to patient care and this includes physical rehabilitation. Patients receive a one-on-one consultation with the medical doctor once a week or every other week depending on the severity of the injury. With each therapeutic regimen performed 2-3 times a week by an on-site, clinic-approved rehabilitation specialist, you are assured of receiving the highest quality therapeutic care available. Your progress is the subject of weekly review by the physician and rehabilitation specialist. Your progression to wellness is our top priority.