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Patient Services

Preventive Care

Very few things have the potential to impact one's life as seriously and dramatically as an ongoing health issue, injury or chronic pain. ErgoMedica believes in educating patients on how to best maintain their bodies to prevent medical issues from occurring in the first place. This includes informing patients about the basic tenets of physical health as well as scheduling and encouraging an appropriate regimen of vaccinations and dietary guidelines based upon the individual needs of each patient.


Crucial to ErgoMedica's mission is the promotion of regular exercise, including cardio (endurance training), strength (weight or resistance) training, and flexibility (e.g. stretching, yoga, and Pilates). With an extensive knowledge of athletics and contemporary training techniques, the ErgoMedica staff is uniquely qualified to provide its patients with an informed perspective on proper and effective strategies for physical conditioning before a health issue has the opportunity to present itself.