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Patient Services

Primary Care

Fifty years ago, a family doctor would take the time to have a genuine caring relationship with his or her patients. This included listening attentively to each patient and offering an informed perspective on treatment and prevention. This was based upon a combination of medical expertise and understanding multiple unique environmental factors such as diet, exercise and sleep hygiene. At ErgoMedica we strive to maintain this tradition with every patient encounter while simultaneously benefitting from the latest technology and contemporary scholarship with regard to treatment options.

Exam Room

Most people come to our clinic in need of acute care for a specific illness or injury. At ErgoMedica, establishing a primary care relationship involves developing a deeper understanding of each patient’s distinct identity in order to provide comprehensive and focused medical care tailored to an individual’s needs. By learning about each patient's medical history, family history, social and dietary habits, a dialog is established which serves to better inform our decisions on how to best remedy the problem at hand. We use this information to more accurately diagnose the root cause of the issue so that we can quickly address any symptoms and effectively prevent any future recurrence.